About Us

Knowing that the theater had always been in my blood, I began directing plays and musical productions in my school since the fall of 2001. Our first year we had 45 students participate in our production, and because of the overwhelming popularity and success of our first two shows, over one hundred and thirty students joined up by year three! As the owner, president, and director of NEAT Studio, such productions as Annie, The Wizard of Oz, Grease, Momma Mia, Hercules, Little Mermaid, Lion King, Aladdin, Mary Poppins, The Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White, Mean Girls, Back to the Future, and many others (Including several I wrote), have made their way to center stage! With that being said, prior to our opening at NEAT in August of 2014, I had already put on Numerous themed Broadway type productions such as; “On Broadway”, “Through the Years” (Music, TV shows, and Movies of the different decades), “Let’s Go to the Movies” (Consisting of various bits from Movies), and “Broadway Kidz” (Bits from Broadway and Off-Broadway productions). Included within those years, I had also put on several professional style talent shows and written, produced, co-directed, and directed musical productions of my own. But that is ALL I can stand talking about myself. The bottom line is, all these plays have given hundreds of kids the opportunity to SHINE on stage and THAT is what I am most proud of!
 Here at NEAT, every student is an integral part of every day, every skit, every Improv. routine, every play, every musical production, and in every aspect of what we do here at NEAT! Not one part in any of our plays is meaningless! Not one of our kids will EVER be given the part of a tree or a rock! Yes, it is the cold hard truth that there are only so many so-called “Main Parts” in each production, but there are other ways to get EVERYONE more involved. At here at NEAT…that’s what we do!
Conversely, we also will never put any child on stage who feels they are not “ready” yet. We don’t ever want to see a child be so overwhelmed with the stage, that they lose their interest before they ever get going. I know personally I’ve never let that happen in the past, and our goal here at NEAT is to ensure that will never happen at our studio. To learn more about us, we invite you to stop in at any time and see what’s going on at our studio
! Or, you can always email us at urneat2014@gmail.com, and we’ll certainly be more than happy to contact you and talk about all the really NEAT things we do for kids!

With Sincere Gratitude,

Watson & Koula Miller

& Your Entire NEAT Family

NEAT- Helping Kids to SHINE On and Off the Stage