“Art with Jake” SIGN-UP

Please do NOT think your child has to have a little BOB ROSS in them to join this class! Not the case at all! It’s a NEAT ART class to be creative, use your crazy imagination, learn a few skills, have fun, and bring home a few things that they themselves created & designed!

Art Classes will be run on Sunday Mornings for 6 weeks. There are 2 Separate Class times based on the School Grade Level of your child.

These two classes are as follows:

The earlier Sunday Class is for Kids Grades 3-*7, and will run from 9:50-10:50AM.

The later Sunday Class is for Kids Grades *7-12, and will run from 11:00AM-12:00PM.

*7th Graders can choose either class.

Each 6 week “ART WITH JAKE” Class cost is $150 (That’s $30 per class). But wait……..shouldn’t that cost be a cost of $180, as 6 x $30 = $180 after-all? No… because we have a really NEAT thing for you …..if your child takes ALL 6 classes, then one of those classes is absolutely FREE :) The $150 you are paying includes all supplies and clothing accessories that your child will take home with them to keep (Bags, hats, etc). *PLEASE NOTE- The sneakers that Jake designs will not be done during this 6 week period, as the time allotted together in that time period is not nearly enough time to get them done.

Class will be held on the following Sundays- March 17 & 24. April 7, 14, 21 and May 5, 2024

Payment is due the first day of “Art with Jake” on Sunday, March 17 (Hey….that’s St. Patrick’s Day)!

*7th Graders can Choose either Class. Please call (516) 404-2367, if you need to see if we can make an exception to putting your child in the class that doesn’t fit their Grade level. We want to help you make it work for your child :)