Math Tutoring

NEAT’s- “Two Teachers Tutoring Math” Grades 2-6.

For many of our kids, it’s been a long time since they were in a classroom! And for those children that were in school this past year….well……..some things might not have been the same as they were! Whichever method you chose for your child to attend school last year, there’s a good possibility that they might begin to struggle or fall behind when the new year begins! Let’s face it, there can be a lot of problems when looking through a math book! Now THAT’S FUNNY! (Sometimes we simply can’t resist the urge to add a little math humor when possible!) It’s the way we roll!

Anyway, with “Two Teachers Tutoring Math…….MATH HELP IS BACK!!!!!!!! On Thursday, October 7, 2021, Mr Watson Miller and Mr. Kevin Vilbig we will be entering their 4th year working side-by-side with our students at NEAT Studio in Levittown! They have now helped over four dozen children dramatically improve their math grades. Oh, and THEY MAKE IT FUN!!!!!!!

Our Motto at NEAT KIDZ “Two Teachers Tutoring Math is simple….


Who: Mr. Watson Miller & Mr. Kevin Vilbig ~Two certified Levittown Public Elementary Schools Teachers with well over 30 years of experience!

What: Math Tutoring for students in grades 2-6

Where: At NEAT Studio, in Levittown (Not the one in Pennsylvania).

When: Thursday Evenings (4:25-5:35pm) Beginning October 7, 2021!

Why: Math shouldn’t be a source of anxiety for your child. As impossible as it might seem, Math can actually be FUN! Yes, you heard that correctly! FUN!!! And to make that happen, we will do whatever it takes to help your child “GET MATH”! *Warning- Sometimes to insure that your child understands what might be a difficult math concept, we often resort to song, dance, or standing on our heads in the studio.Hope that works for you because your kids will love it. Especially when we fall!

Cost– Each 70 minute online session is $30 per child.

Is that a coffee he’s drinking? Better not be, he’s too young! 😉